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Drayton Graphic Art and Illustration, Inc. is a family business that was created by Theresa Angela Taylor, in 2001. DGAI has two objectives:

  • The first objective is to provide harmoniously creative contemporary, abstract, folk and digital original artwork for the enrichment and the beauty of life.
  • The second objective is to provide, enhance and nurture children and adults by teaching creating art classes, camps and workshops that stimulates the power of the imagination. 


T. Angela's artwork is inspirited by social, political and cultural view points that demonstrate the spirit and experience thru the colors, rhyme and movement of Afrocentric. Our theme is always derived by women's relationships with men, principles and ideas from the Harlem Renaissance, the present progression and the natural spirit of life. 


DGAI is very passionate about teaching children creative expression thru painting, drawing and digital art form (the history and Technics of the master artists, creating fine, recycling, anime/manga, cartooning, mural, still life, graffiti art etc.) . DGAI goals is to teach in a manner of letting artistic freedom nurture important skills naturally. We promote self-expressions which is a fundamental component. Our curriculum shows students the first hand knowledge of the history of the master artist's different skills and their contributions in the art world. We show the importance of identifying the uniqueness of a human being. Our classes is not only fun to create but is such a great experience for children.

We have provided a Summer Art Camp for Children for the past six years.   

Mural Painting with Children

Mural traffic boxs are located downtown Dover, Delaware. The boxes were done by T. Angela and young artist ages 


The illustration projects plays a great role at DGAI. Our customer service along with our illustrator professionals participates in providing an affordable selections of boldly strong colors to creates a simple logo that represent the message the organization is looking for. Our children's books illustration can be done in any form of medium to capture the simple contour images or 3D image. We take gamut of directions from the author's audience and what the author will accept.


Drayton Graphic Art and Illustrations, Inc. purpose is to be able to make peoples life's journey for-filled with insight, peace, color and beauty. The idea that our expression of love can stimulate one person to embrace the good energy shown in one painting then DGAI have accomplish its existence.

DGAI supports organization that empowers women rights, building up self empowerment for all people but especially Black Americans. 

Volunteer Organizations  Habitat for Humanity, Adopt a Highway and MS Foundation