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         These are trying time of reflection and renewing during these days of COVID 19. We at Drayton Graphic Arts & Illustrations, Inc.  want you to be safe and know that we all are in this together. Please follow the guideline by wearing your mask, washing your hands and practice social distancing.

          Here are events done during the year (Book Signing, Black History Celebration, box light mural, summer art camp for children, exhibit, fund raising, new artwork, and Artist for Justice/Black Lives Matter  (Habitat for Humanity Chair Fundraiser) and descriptions of products and services.

We have new addition, Black Lives T-shirt.


Black lives Matter -  is a movement formed to campaign against systemic racism and violence against black people.  

  Below is a video that DGA was involved in to speak out against racial violence.

  George Floyd is one of Many victims of violence.  T-shirts for sales in support of Black Lives Matter.  We can products any design for you (men, woman, and children) by drawing, painting and using digital graphic images.  (T-Shirts various in prices from $12.00-$15.00.)

"Waiting is Justice Denied”(MLK)

"The Spoken Word of Justice" at Dorchester Art Center