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 Here are events during the year of 2020ook Signing, Black History Celebration, box light mural, summer art camp for children, exhibit in the library, new artwork, (Habitat for Humanity Chair Fundraiser) and description of products and services.

The year of 2020 will be brings great opportunities such as community murals, "the Mitten & Winters Mural project in  Wilmington, Delaware;  the celebration of The Black History at Camp Rehoboth; Workshop/children and adults; Pop-up Shops; Summer Children Art Camp; Festivalle in Maryland, New York and in Delaware; a new line of original T Shirts, tiles, illustration of a new childrens' book; and original from DGAI. 

Black History Month

2018 & 2019

Artwork by T. Angela

Three pieces of work from DGAI, Theresa Angela Taylor. The movement of Josephine Baker, Cab Colloway Meets Clarence and the Tree of Hope in 2018

The Biggs Musem 2018, 2019 and 2020

An exhibit is presented throughout the month of February and March of 2018 and 2019 in honoring the Black artists in the Delaware Valley. Please come and join the celebration.  

Book Signing of Children Book

Book signing of children book in Delaware "Cassie Meets Savannah and the Lunch Crew" by Cindy Brown Robinson, illustrated by Theresa Angela Taylor.

New Children's' book coming in 2019 - 2020.

The Mitten Design Mural

The Mitten Design is located in Downtown Dover, Delaware. First Friday of each month is designated to have the community to be involved in the mural.  

Mural project located in Dover, Delaware which included children from the summer camp program

Mural done ​at the Boys and Girls Club and a church in Wilmington, Delaware.

Chair Fundraiser

Central Delaware Habitat for Humanity has teamed with local artists and community organizations to design, restore, and beautify 18 chairs that have been donated to our ReStore.


Depiction of Children

DGA can do depiction of photo of any kind for children, adult and special occassions.  

Childrens' Book Illustration

DGAI offers illustration for adults and children books thru digital, painting and pencil mediums. 

Highlight of the 2018 - 2019 Children's Summer Art Camp Season

"We’ve loved every minute".

An Idea Is Born

We had a variety of great Artist come by to teach the camper different techniques, Joshua Nobling, Westley College.

Excitement Painting wood crafts" 

Movie Time

Outside activities, Teaching Artist, Jaquin and Donna engaged with the campers. We offered indoor activities joined with laughter. 

The Young Imagination at Work

Young artist at work at 6 years old. Domineque love the colors blue and red.

Summer Visual Art Camp gave a variety of art experience for children which included, digital art, abstract expression, graffitti art and a learning experience of learning about the masters Black Artist. 

Children participated in team excersise and a freedom to explore their creative juices. I want to thank the parents in allow the student to enjoy a teamwork experience in painting, drawing Click this text to start editing. 


DGI presents artistic services to conduct recreational paint parties.

The parties consist of participants following the lead of the artist and creating the own acrylic canvas (11x14) in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. Mix it up with vivid color abstract movements for children and adults. Inspiration of creativity no limitations no judgments.

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